Loan for a dream new apartment

A small percentage of people can afford to buy their own four angles. Apartments are once more expensive, sometimes cheaper, but they keep their minimum price that most Poles cannot afford. It will not be an exaggeration statement that everyone dreams of their apartment. These dreams can only differ in size, location or layout of the rooms.

Usually, customers buy apartments from the secondary market, second-hand, mostly in blocks of flats located in housing estates.

They are primarily cheaper than new apartments at the developer

However, some Poles are dreaming about a new apartment, like an unspoiled virgin square space. Apart from the specter of houses burdened with the ghosts of former tenants, the dream of just having your own apartment is a normal matter.

Due to the lack of cash, most people are forced to buy a flat on credit so that their dream of a better life becomes more likely. In principle, new apartments from developers are ready or already finished. In this case, if we want to take out a loan to finance it, we will come across a slightly different credit procedure than when buying a second-hand apartment.

When looking for the right credit offer, we should rely on the opinions of advisers or financial specialists. Leading credit consulting companies in Poland include Good Finance and Good Credit. You can also use your own installment calculators or financial comparison websites widely available on the internet.

Banks granting loans for the purchase of a new apartment

Banks granting loans for the purchase of a new apartment

Require the presence of such documents as an excerpt from the Land and Mortgage Register, agreement with the developer, building permit in the case of investment started, in the case of a completed building – permission to use the premises for housing purposes.

The bank may also request the submission of a work schedule and related amounts and payment terms. The last document will specify the amount and date of payment of the loan tranches. The bank also wants information about the developer, e.g. a document confirming its development activity.

Dreams about a new apartment cost a lot and it is difficult for most of us to realize it this way. Therefore, the mortgage is still one of the most popular banking products. Unfortunately, this type of loan is becoming increasingly difficult for the average consumer with income at least at the level of the national average. So if we intend to use such a loan in the future, let’s do it like this the earliest.