May 20, 2022

4-year-old boy dies of choking on paracetamol pill, mother investigates

the son dies at 4I choked on a paracetamol tablet and the mom is under investigation. The woman had given the child medicine to help him with the toothache he was suffering from, but unfortunately the tablet was too big for such a small child to swallow and the son died.

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Young Pedro Augusto Gomes Silva went into cardiac arrest before dying in hospital in Botucatu, Brazil, after being hospitalized for 4 days. The mother, hearing him complain of toothache, decided to give me half a tablet of paracetamol, but the tablets are not medicines suitable for children, in fact the little one could not swallow it and started to have breathing problems.

The woman tried to withdraw the pill but failed and her son started to vomit, so she immediately called for help. Unfortunately, when the doctor arrived there, the child was in cardiac arrest. Doctors did all they could to save his life, but the choking injuries were so severe that he died after 4 days in hospital. The mother, destroyed by grief, is however the subject of an investigation for manslaughter.

Last update: Wednesday, November 17, 2021, 3:35 p.m.