December 9, 2022

“Antibiotics may soon have no effect on Indians” – Punekar News

Pune, September 9, 2022: India leads the countries with excessive consumption of antibiotics, and for this reason, there is a possibility that antibiotics may not have any effect on Indians in the future.

The world famous medical journal “Lancet” has published a research article in this regard. This situation in India can be very dangerous and if serious consequences are to be avoided, the need to educate the public on the use of antibiotics has been stressed.

A survey conducted by Boston University in the United States and the Public Health Foundation of India revealed the findings regarding the consumption of antibiotics by Indians. The Lancet stated that most antibiotics are sold without a doctor’s prescription (over the counter) and certain policies are the main reasons for the indiscriminate use of these antibiotics. Data was collected from 9,000 major distributors in the country to study the consumption of “defined daily” dose antibiotics. As many as 5,071 million “defined daily doses” were consumed by Indians in 2019.

General practitioners often prescribe antibiotics even for pain that can be treated with simple medication. Citizens continue to take these drugs as they please. Patient demand for antibiotics has increased.

As the risk of antibiotic resistance increases globally, India’s highest antibiotic consumption rate is a wake-up call, highlighting the need for new regulations on the sale of drugs and raising public awareness against arbitrary use of antibiotics.