December 9, 2022

Antibiotics, vaccines and cancer drugs will be available at low prices, they will be available free of charge in public hospitals. Antibiotics, vaccines and cancer drugs will be available at low cost, if you go to government hospital you will get free

After the corona outbreak, many people started eating medicine without consulting a doctor. Many of these drugs are such that they can cause diseases like cancer. With this in mind, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya released the updated National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM) list on Tuesday.

The updated list arrived after 7 years

  • Earlier in the year 2015, the National Essential Medicines List was released.
  • 384 drugs were included in the list. 34 new drugs were also added, including 4 drugs used in the treatment of cancer.
  • This means that the government has approved the sale and purchase of these drugs. Along with this, 26 drugs were also removed from the list.

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Some major categories of drugs on the list of essential drugs

1 Anesthetics, preoperative drugs and medical gases

2 Pain medication and palliative care

3 Anti-allergic and drug used in anaphylaxis

4 Antidotes and antivenoms

5 Anticonvulsants/Antiepileptics

6 Medications that Reduce Infections

7 migraine medications

Source- WHO

Question- What are essential drugs, i.e. essential drugs?
These are drugs that meet public health needs. These are selected based on comparison of public health dependence, safety, and cost-effectiveness. The price of essential drugs cannot be increased without permission from the central government.

Question- What is the benefit of including drugs in this list?
There will certainly be public hospitals in your city, where certain drugs will be available for free. The list of these drugs is transmitted to the various governments on behalf of primary health care and the district hospital. Essential medicines included in the NLEM must be present in the public hospital. So that you can get this patient for free and your money will not be spent.

Question- If these drugs are not available in the hospital, can I also complain?
answer- If the doctor prescribed a medicine on the prescription, you went to pick it up and that medicine is finished in the public hospital, but that medicine is included in the list of the NLEM. In such a situation, you can file a complaint with the CMHO. After that, the officials will have to provide you with this medicine.

These 26 drugs have been removed from the updated list
Alteplase, atenolol, bleaching powder, capreomycin, cetrimide, chlorpheniramine, diloxanide furoate, dimercaprol, erythromycin, ethinyl estradiol, ethinyl estradiol (A) norethisterone (B), ganciclovir, kanamycin, lamivudine (C) + nebivudine (A) + leflunomide, methyldopa, nicotinamide, pegylated interferon alfa 2a, pegylated interferon alfa 2b, pentamidine, prilocaine (A) + lidocaine (B), procarbazine, ranitidine, rifabutin, stavudine (A) + lamivudine (B), sucralfate and white petroleum jelly are included.

To find out why a drug is excluded from the NLEM list, read the graphs below-

Question- Among the drugs that have been removed from the list is ranitidine, which is sold under the brand names Aciloc, Zyntec and Rantec, will these no longer be available in public hospitals?
According to doctor CMHO SC Rai, drugs included in the list of essential drugs must be kept in public hospitals. Recently, the drug ranitidine salt was removed from this list, but we have no information that it will not be available in public hospitals.

Therefore, drugs like Aciloc ranitidine salt and Zintec will still be available in public hospitals.

Question- Can the patient benefit from drugs for the treatment of serious diseases such as cancer through essential medicine?
See, drugs for tuberculosis, leprosy and blindness control are available in small health care centers. The government has opened cancer institutes for serious diseases like cancer. If the patient is treated there, essential drugs will be available there free of charge.

Question- How is the price of essential drugs determined?
The prices of medicines on the NLEM list are determined on the basis of wholesale price index inflation. Companies can increase the price of all other drugs by 10% per year.

Question- What are the criteria for including drugs in the NLEM list?
The regulatory authority discusses many things before adding a drug to the list. Example-

  • These drugs, which are useful to more and more people.
  • Medicines are put in this list on the basis of the diseases that are prevalent in the country and in the world. As- Monkeyvirus is happening right now. Cases of H1N1 arrive in the country. In such a situation, taking into account the severity of these diseases, when preparing the list, it is included in essential medicines.
  • Medications are also added and removed based on time and need. Sometimes it becomes necessary to deal with tuberculosis, sometimes with corona. As if there were corona drugs in the previous list. This time it was deleted.
  • The drug included in the list must be effective and safe.
  • In accordance with NLEM guidelines, the full cost of treatment is considered when adding the drug to the list.
  • The inclusion of fixed-dose drugs is being considered.
  • The top-selling drug is not considered the benchmark for inclusion in the NLEM. For this, other factors are also taken into account.


Medicines related to physiotherapy included in the list
Medicines related to physiotherapy, nicotine replacement therapy and buprenorphine have also been added to this list. Apart from this, drugs like Anti Tuberculosis Medicine, Bedaquily, Rotavirus Vaccine have also been included. Now the number of such drugs in this list has increased to 384.

To find out which 384 drugs have been included in the list, what disease they belong to and what their name is. Click on this link.

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