December 9, 2022

Best neck pain reliever on Amazon


Scouting Report: This strange device is so easy to use, I actually use it. Plus, it massages and elongates my neck, relieving my neck pain within minutes.

Even though the pandemic is easing, right now I’m still struggling with some basic issues. My office chair isn’t great and I keep leaning over my computer day in and day out. Instead of investing in an office chair right now, I’m tackling the symptoms of my neck pain, and I’ve recently found what it takes.

Restcloud neck and shoulder relaxer

The Restcloud is that foam pillow massager that looks like a crashing wave. It’s not a pillow to sleep on, but it’s best before bed or just when you wake up. It’s really easy to use; all you do is put it on the floor and lie down. The weird shape can perfectly hold my neck, even rock it and stretch it so as to relieve tension within minutes of lying down. It has a V-shaped curvature that is designed to support and fix the position of the spine and has massage knots that really dig into the muscles on either side of my spine like I’m being massaged. The pillow warps after lying on it, so it relieves pressure in a way that relieves my spine in relaxation mode. I can even flip it back and forth, one of which provides gentle traction to make it easier for me to stretch, and the other to provide stronger traction that really eliminates all the wrinkles.

After using it for a few weeks (and maybe that is the key in itself, I Actually using it) not only did my neck pain seemingly go away, but my posture also improved dramatically. If you are suffering from neck pain, this thing really works wonders.

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