December 9, 2022

Bowel cancer: new research shows ‘clear link’ between antibiotics and tumors


The University of Umea, Sweden, shared the results of their revealing research earlier this month, saying: “The impact of antibiotics on the gut microbiome is thought to be behind the increased risk of cancer. . Taking antibiotics has been “confirmed” to increase the risk of bowel cancer over the next five to ten years. “The results underscore the fact that there are many reasons to be restrictive with antibiotics,” warned Sophia Harlid, a cancer researcher.

“There is absolutely no reason to be alarmed just because you took antibiotics,” Harlid reassured.

“The increase in risk is moderate and the effect on the absolute risk for the individual is quite small,” she continued.

Bowel cancer

Bowel Cancer UK said: “The earliest [the disease] is diagnosed, the easier it is to treat.

“People whose cancer is diagnosed at an early stage are much more likely to be successful with treatment than those whose cancer has spread.”

Such a tool can allow your doctor to paint a clearer picture of your current symptoms.

Known as one of the most preventable cancers, how can you minimize your risk of developing bowel cancer?

You can:

  • Avoid processed meat and limit red meat
  • Eat plenty of fiber from whole grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits
  • Have a healthy weight
  • Get 30 minutes of activity, five times a week
  • Reduce alcohol consumption or not drink at all
  • Do not smoke.