May 26, 2022

Can I take paracetamol to treat a hangover?

A TIC Tac doctor revealed why you should never use paracetamol when you have a hangover, suggesting something else may be a better option instead for dealing with that bumping headache.

Dr Karan Rangarjan is doctor of surgery and lecturer at the University of Sunderland, who regularly shares medical knowledge online to help others learn more about health and medicine – from revealing myths to sharing secrets about everyday life as a doctor.

In one of his recent articles, he lifted the veil on one of the over-the-counter medications that many of us rely on to overcome headaches, fevers, menstrual pain and more.

Yeah he is talk about paracetamol, the common pain reliever used to relieve all kinds of aches and pains.

Credit: Jam Press / TikTok – @ dr.karanr

Dr Karan, who has over four million followers on TIC Tac, thinks paracetamol doesn’t go too well with alcohol, warning that mixing the two could have dire consequences.

He explains in the video that mixing the two substances could cause serious damage to liver cells, as paracetamol and alcohol produce “toxic products” when broken down in the body.

Taken together, the body may not be able to make enough of a chemical called glutathione to neutralize toxic compounds fairly quickly, which in turn could impact the liver.

Credit: Jam Press / TikTok - @ dr.karanr
Credit: Jam Press / TikTok – @ dr.karanr

Dr Karan says: “That is why you should never mix paracetamol and alcohol.

“When you take paracetamol, it is broken down by the body into various chemicals.

“One of these chemicals is a toxic compound that can damage liver cells.

“To prevent this damage, the liver produces glutathione for neutralize this toxic compound.

Credit: Jam Press / TikTok - @ dr.karanr
Credit: Jam Press / TikTok – @ dr.karanr

“Glutathione too neutralizes acetaldehyde, the toxic breakdown products of alcohol.

“If you mix paracetamol and alcohol, it just isn’t enough glutathione for everyone neutralize toxic degradation products of alcohol and paracetamol. ”

Instead, Dr. Karan recommends taking ibuprofen instead of paracetamol to treat headaches when you’re suspended.

“Are you sure you want to get rid of your hangover headache?” He asks, gesturing to a container of ibuprofen tablets.

Credit: Jam Press / TikTok - @ dr.karanr
Credit: Jam Press / TikTok – @ dr.karanr

His video has had a million views and 96,000 likes since its publication. Last week.

Mall TIC Tac users commented to say they had no idea what the problem was, having taken the two together several times.

One of them wrote: “Oof I still take it pcmol before I fell asleep drunk. “

Someone Else Said: “So doing paras everyday for my stress-related headaches and chasing them with wine for stress relief once a week is a bad idea. Who knew?

A third wrote: “I wish I had known that before !!! ”

A fourth added: “Oh my god why no one said that before, surprised my liver is still working. “