December 2, 2022

Couple files lawsuit against Bayer after antibiotic injury

Mattthew and Jennifer Mirto, represented by Koskoff, Koskoff & Biederfiled a complaint against Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc; Bayer Corporation; Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.; Janssen Research and Development, LLC; and Janssen Pharmaceutical Co in the Connecticut District on Tuesday. They claim that these companies are misleading Matthew Mirto, his health care providers, and the health industry about the potential side effects and best use case of fluoroquinolone antibiotics (FLQ drugs), which lead to significant permanent damage to his body.

Plaintiffs allege that Matthew Mirto’s physicians used reasonable judgment and knowledge of these drugs in prescribing Cipro, Avelox and Levaquin for various bacterial infections he suffered, and that despite proper use on behalf of Mr. Mirto, these drugs have caused recurring and increasing joint and joint problems. tendon pain, culminating in a formal diagnosis of neurogenic pain in April 2016. Additionally, FLQ medications reportedly required Mr. Mirto to undergo cardiothoracic surgery in May 2019 for an ascending aortic aneurysm and a dilated aortic root . During this operation, it was discovered that his aorta, root and valve all needed to be replaced.

The lawsuit explains that beginning in the late 1990s, the defendants reframed FLQ drugs from a “big gun” antibiotic to a general-purpose, front-line drug to, supposedly, make more money. . However, the plaintiff alleges that the defendants knew, or should have known, that neurogenic damage was a commonly reported adverse effect of this class of drugs since at least 1996 according to a study cited in the complaint. Taking into account the growing evidence of these adverse effects, the FDA issued a black box warning for this class of drugs in July 2008.

The Plaintiffs allege that, through negligence or malice, the Defendants misled the public about the safety of FLQ medications. Had Mr. Mirto and his prescribing physicians been sufficiently warned of the potential for these potentially rapid and irreversible side effects, Mr. Mirto would not have taken these medications and avoided life-changing bodily harm.

The Plaintiffs seek financial compensation for the permanent or continuing harms Matthew Mirto suffered as a result of taking drugs from the FLQ and for Jennifer’s loss of the society, services, care, comforts and consortium of his husband, in an amount determined by jury trial.