December 9, 2022

Dengue: Antibiotics will not be available without a prescription, strict measures taken by the state to prevent children from playing with dengue. Antibiotics and other drugs are not available without a prescriptionNews WAALI

Despite the initiation of the puja, no one was cured of dengue fever. He stopped selling over-the-counter antibiotics. Pharmacists will no longer be able to sell antibiotics and fever medication without a prescription. Painkillers should not be sold without a prescription. Dengue infection is increasing in the state. The state government has taken drastic measures to prevent children from playing with fever.

Meanwhile, the sale of over-the-counter antibiotics began in the district. After which the secretary ordered all district magistrates to stop the sale of antibiotics without a prescription. Ibuprofen was also stopped. These antibiotics will not work if the fever is due to dengue fever. In addition, this type of antibiotic can cause bleeding inside the stomach.

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Ignoring dengue fever as a common viral fever can make the problem worse. The health department took this measure so that feverish patients would not get sick. Many people take paracetamol without seeing a doctor if they have a cold. Even for severe pain in the legs, arms and feet, take painkillers from the pharmacy. Taking the drug without knowing the side effects or the correct diagnosis can be dangerous. Also, paracetamol, ibuprofen and other painkillers should not be sold without a prescription.

But why bother to see a doctor if you have a fever? Waiting for the situation to get worse can be a serious risk. In the words of infectious disease specialist Dr. Amitabh Nandy, “If you have a fever, see a doctor immediately. To delay is to invite danger. Delaying means keeping the germ in the body longer. In addition, the later the treatment is started, the more complications will develop. If prompt treatment is not instituted, dengue can worsen rapidly and lead to death.

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This year, the number of dengue patients in the state exceeded 20,000. The 39th report on dengue fever was released last Thursday. It has been seen that the total number of victims from January to September 28 this year is 20,000 33. In the past week, the number of dengue patients increased to 4,744. On Thursday, 635 people were newly infected with dengue fever in the state. Dengue fever positive rate decreased by 2% compared to last week.