December 9, 2022

Drug price regulator sets retail prices for paracetamol, aspirin and 84 other formulations

Drug price regulator sets retail prices for paracetamol and aspirin among 84 other drug formulations

Retail prices for 84 essential drug formulations have been set by the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA), including those used for the treatment of diabetes, headaches and high blood pressure.

Apart from this, the regulatory body has also fixed the prices of the formulations indicated to reduce the increase in cholesterol and triglyceride levels, among others.

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In exercising the powers conferred by the Medicines (Price Controls) Order 2013, the NPPA set the retail prices of medicines, the regulator said in a notification.

In accordance with the order, a single tablet of Voglibose and (SR) Metformin Hydrochloride will cost 10.47, excluding GST.

Similarly, the price of Paracetamol and Caffeine has been set at 2.88 per tablet. In addition, the price of a Rosuvastatin Aspirin and Clopidogrel capsule has been set at 13.91.

In a separate notification, the NPPA said it has extended the revised ceiling price for liquid medical oxygen and inhalation oxygen (medicinal gas) until September 30 this year.

The NPPA has the mandate to set/revise the prices of controlled bulk drugs and formulations and to enforce the prices and availability of drugs in the country. It also monitors the prices of deregulated drugs in order to keep them at reasonable levels.

The regulatory body implements and enforces the provisions of the Medicines (Price Control) Ordinance. It is also responsible for recovering amounts overcharged by manufacturers for controlled drugs.

The retail price mentioned above applies only to the individual manufacturer / distributor mentioned above, i.e. who has applied for it by submitting the Form-I for fixing / revision of the price, as stipulated in the DPCO, 2013 and subject to compliance with all applicable legal requirements. as planned by the government. under relevant laws/rules, including manufacturing license authorization from competent authority, i.e. central/national licensing authority, as appropriate, by manufacturers/marketing companies concerned, the NPPA said in a statement.

Earlier in April, the regulator had also announced that the prices of 800 drugs and essential medicines would rise by 10.7%. Medicines that were on the National Essential Medicines List (NELM) such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, ear, nose and throat medicines, antiseptics, painkillers, gastrointestinal medicines and medicines antifungals were among those who experienced a sharp increase in their prices.

On April 16, it also set retail prices for 23 drug formulations, including those used to treat blood pressure and other heart complications, seizures, fever, diabetes and bacterial infections.

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