December 9, 2022

Headache in Johor Baru Malaysia due to paracetamol shortage

A check of pharmacies across the city revealed most shelves were emptied, especially for big brands.

Pharmacist G Navin Shankar, 31, said the shortage had worsened in recent months.

“The demand for paracetamol has been on the rise since last year but the situation has worsened recently.

“We have been out of medicine for almost two months and before that the stock we received is also much less compared to the pre-pandemic period.

“For example, if we used to get around 100 boxes before, now we only get about 10 boxes,” he said at a pharmacy in Taman Nong Chik.

Navin added that fever, cough and flu medicines are also down as demand continues to rise.

Assistant pharmacist Khairullisa Abdullah, 24, said diarrhea and anti-inflammatories were also in high demand.

“At the moment we are running out of flu, fever, cough, diarrhea and anti-inflammatory drugs.

“For paracetamol, we have a few stocks of lesser-known brands. However, they still work the same way as the big brands. We are noticing that herbs commonly used to relieve fever and cough are also in high demand since the flu outbreak,” she said.

Another pharmacist who only wanted to be known as Tan said the supply of paracetamol had dropped significantly since the start of the year.

“The supply of fever, flu and cough medicine has also dropped since around April.

“The suppliers are unable to deliver the required quantity of drugs that we request because they also have to distribute the limited stock of drugs they have to other pharmacies,” he said.