December 9, 2022

“Heaven with a Handle” This Ice Roller Might Be the Painkiller You Need – and It’s Now $15

Morning bloat turned into all day bloat? Constantly sidelined by chronic migraines? We have a remedy you might want to try. Beauty lovers and TikTokers adore jade and rose quartz rollers to relax and refresh your face – this Esarora’s Ice Roller Works much like those contraptions, but it takes soothing to an otherworldly level. Some people even call it the “jack of all trades” – and right now you can get it on Amazon for $15 when you apply a coupon on the page.

Like jade and rose quartz rollers, people use this ice roller on their face for the cooling effect that helps reduce pain and swelling. The gel-filled roller head comes with a removable handle, which doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it sets it apart from other rollers. Freezing the head without the handle means your hands won’t get cold when you treat your face or other parts of your body with the chilled head. When you need it, just take the head out of the freezer, place it on the handle and roll the pain away.

The head is also a bit larger than a jade or rose quartz roller to cover a larger area. Amazon shoppers have a million uses of it – so far more than 14,000 five-star reviews rave about this gadget.

“I first got it to help reduce bags under my eyes,” said one critical acclaim share. “I now use it almost every morning to help me wake up. Also, I suffer from migraines and this ice roller is a great tool to use if a cold compress helps with your migraines. I sometimes hold the roller at ice above the eye that throbs the most in pain.Finally this year I was paced in the head by a German Shepherd, the cut was pretty bad (probably should have had stitches), and once it started to heal i used this ice roller on it to help with the healing process and i can barely see the mark on my forehead.

“I bought this product for myself to help with bags under my eyes,” another wrote. informed buyer. “It turns out it’s much more than that. My daughter suffers from severe anxiety and panic attacks… She would literally have to go outside and lay down in the cold concrete to calm down. When this item was delivered, she found it in my freezer, used it and said it was a blessing from God for her.

A soothing solution to a variety of problems. (Photo: Amazon)

Migraines and sinus headaches

One of the most popular uses for this roller is for pain relief. Migraineurs love this gadget.

“It’s a lifesaver!” wrote a suffering from migraine. “The coolness it gives is so healing when I run it over my forehead, eyes, neck, etc. I also use it in the morning when I wake up and my eyes are ‘puffy’. And finally, I rolls down my neck when I’m too hot and just need to cool down quickly. I’m incredibly surprised at how much I love this item. You won’t be disappointed!”

“I used to roll a can of cold soda on my forehead to relieve tension headaches and sinus pain,” another wrote. relieved customer. “It was cumbersome and not always cold enough. This ice roller works so well for sinus pain and tension relief. It froze really quickly and I felt instant relief. The rolling motion even cleared my sinus and I was able to breathe better right away.”

Anti-aging and beauty care

Some buyers like the way it soothes their facial skin.

“Heaven with a handle,” wrote one satisfied customer. “I sincerely believe these should be given at birth. This is a game changer. It’s so relaxing and invigorating for the face. My skin has a glow like never before after regular use. I’ve bought some before three more and I gave them to my friends.”

“I use this ice roller in my beautician treatment room after extractions, peels and/or waxing,” shared a beauty specialist. “My clients love it! It dramatically reduces inflammation and swelling…leaving the skin in a much healthier state than if I wasn’t using it…I can apply a calming mask to the colloidal oatmeal (in powder form) or other setting mask and just roll on…. Very easy to clean and sanitize between clients.Also feels great when trying to stay cool during crazy heat waves that SoCal has known!”

The reviews quoted above reflect the most current versions at the time of publication.

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