December 9, 2022

I gave birth on my couch with 2 paracetamol for the pain because my hospital was full

A mom has relived the moment she gave birth on her couch with just two paracetamols to go with her.

Eilish McKinney has said her ‘worst nightmare’ came true after doctors at Peterborough Hospital said they had no room for her.


Eilish McKinney said her ‘worst nightmare’ came true after doctors told her there was no room for her to give birth in hospitalCredit: BBC

While in labour, the mother-of-two was told to go to hospital in Leicester, an hour’s drive from the couple’s home in Nassington, Northamptonshire.

Recalling the events of September 20, Eilish told the BBC: “At that moment I had never felt so sick in my entire life as this sheer panic swept through you.”

Time is running out and “trying hard not to push,” Eilish decided to give birth on the living room sofa with her partner Tom Blackman by her side.

“This baby is actually going to be born at home. It’s been my worst nightmare,” she recalled.

Tom had called the paramedics but it was up to the couple to give birth themselves.

Amidst the chaos, Eilish was checking her newborn’s breathing.

While Tom desperately checked that she wasn’t bleeding excessively.

Incredibly, baby Persy was born safe and the paramedics arrived ten minutes later.

“She did this with just two paracetamol,” Tom revealed, adding how “amazing” his partner was throughout the ordeal.

Eilish admitted she thought it was a ‘joke’ when doctors told her to drive 35 miles to Leicester.

Meanwhile, her partner Tom slammed the hospital for letting the couple down.

North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust said it was sorry to hear the birth did not go as planned.

Chief nurse Jo Bennis added: “The safety of babies and parents is a top priority for us.

“And sometimes it is sometimes necessary to ask mothers to use alternative maternity wards if ours reaches capacity.”