Loan for home electronics / appliances

The purchase of the necessary electronic equipment for our apartment is usually an expense of several thousand USD. Few families can afford to buy it using savings. Most Poles do not save money at all because low incomes do not allow them to do so. Fortunately, today home appliances/electronics can be easily bought in installments.

When a washing machine or fridge breaks, so equipment absolutely needed in every home, many people have no choice but to seek help from a bank. When deciding to buy in installments a product worth even several thousand USD, it is worth considering all possible types of financing. And so to buy electronic equipment for borrowed money – you can choose from a cash loan and installment loan.

A cash loan is the most common bank loan

A cash loan is the most common bank loan

This is because it is a very flexible solution, and the money obtained in this way can be used for any purpose. Many people decide on such a loan in order to finance the purchase of electronic equipment/household appliances. However, we must remember that this type of bank loan can cost us a lot because the bank will add the commission and the preparation fee to the costs of the loan. Additionally, when deciding on a loan with insurance, the price of debt increases even more.

An installment loan offered in stores is another solution to finance the purchase of home appliances. This option may turn out to be much cheaper, especially if we hit the 0% installment promotion.

This type of offer is very often found in hypermarkets

This type of offer is very often found in hypermarkets

Such as Media Markt, Saturn or even Tesco. If we have already used credit products in the past, and our history in the Credit Information Bureau is positive, then we can purchase equipment without the need to provide evidence of income.

A very interesting solution can be the installment purchase on the Allegro website, which for some time gives the opportunity to buy on credit. All you have to do is be a registered user of the portal and select the appropriate option when purchasing equipment.

PayU installments, because that is the name of the financing system, allow you to buy products up to USD 20,000. Payments are made for us by the bank cooperating with Allegro that grants us the loan. However, we undertake to pay monthly installments on time to the lender’s account.

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