December 9, 2022

Madhya Pradesh man seeks painkiller on YouTube; Dies after consuming wild fruit juice

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): A man has died after drinking bottle gourd juice collected from the jungle to relieve pain in his hand, police said on Wednesday. He was troubled by pain in one of his hands from an accident and searched YouTube for a possible medicine, after which he retrieved a wild gourd (junglee louki) and drank its juice. However, the police are waiting for the autopsy report to know the exact cause of his death.

According to police, the deceased was identified as Dharmendra Korole, 32, a resident of Swarnbagh Colony. Dharmendra was from Khandwa and was employed as a driver in the city.

One of his relatives, named Manish, told the media that Dharmendra was suffering from pain in his hand. He had undergone treatment for the affliction, but got no relief. He then searched YouTube for a possible pain medicine and found that jungle-grown bottle gourd could relieve pain.

Later, he gathered information about the gourd and gathered it from a source. He drank the juice, after which he complained of vomiting and loose movements on Tuesday. After that, his family took him to the hospital, but he could not be saved. Police said the exact cause of his death could only be established after receiving the autopsy report. Dharmendra had been living with his wife and two children in the city for some years. The police also record the statements of his family members.