December 9, 2022

Manufacturing cost of paracetamol up 278% in Romania, according to producers

PRIMER, the union representing the 19 most important drug production sites in Romania, says the national pharmaceutical industry may have to stop local production of some drugs due to the high cost of materials and energy.

PRIMER representatives claim that the costs associated with the production of certain drugs have increased by up to 300% compared to the previous year. The price of raw materials and materials used in the production of medicines, not to mention utilities, have seen some of the biggest increases.

Drugs with much higher production costs include paracetamol (278% cost increase), carbamazepine (197%) and phytonadione (110%). The first is a medicine used to treat fever and mild to moderate pain and was regularly prescribed to patients infected with Covid-19.

Some drug components have been subject to even greater price increases. Gum arabic, or acacia gum, for example, is 1,570% more expensive than last year. The compound is used as a softener in wound healing preparations and as a dietary supplement for people with high cholesterol or diabetes, despite mixed scientific evidence regarding its effectiveness.

Besides more expensive pharmaceutical components, the Romanian pharmaceutical industry also has to make do with higher energy costs. Electricity-related costs tripled, while the price of natural gas also saw increases totaling 258%, according to the PRIMER press release.

The union is calling on the government to intervene and review drug pricing.

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