December 2, 2022

NLCS Dodgers: Relief Justin Bruihl suffering from pain in his throwing arm


Injuries have piled up for the Dodgers during these playoffs. It was difficult to keep the guys healthy and playing ball throughout the season, and that continues to be a problem until October. This was especially evident during the National League Championship Series.

After losing guys like Justin Turner and Joe Kelly over the past two days, the Dodgers face a few more potential injuries. One is still Max Scherzer’s dead arm preventing him from starting Game 6.

But another major concern at this point is left-handed reliever Justin Bruihl. The southpaw developed arm pain as he warmed up in the reliever pen for Game 5 of the NLCS. The Dodgers bring an extra arm with them on the trip in case Bruihl can’t make it.

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Losing Bruihl would be a big blow to the Dodgers’ box at this point in the series. He’s already made 3 scoreless appearances in the Championship Series and allowed only one hit in total. Bruihl also racked up 5 strikeouts in just 2 full innings of work, so he’s missing a lot of bats.

David Price is one of the left-handed pitchers available for Doc, but they don’t have much beyond him without Bruihl. Alex Vesia remains the left-handed relievers’ only box option aside from Price if they choose to take Bruihl off the list.

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