May 20, 2022

Paracetamol contamination in Jakarta Bay; Government urged to take responsibility

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Kawali Indonesia Lestari or Kawali Coalition urges the Indonesian government to take responsibility for the paracetamol contamination in Jakarta Bay. Fatmata Juliansyah, Kawali’s promotion and campaign manager, said the government must monitor and research the causes and the polluters.

“In addition to taking firm action against the perpetrators, including environmental recovery and compensation for those affected. Someone has to be responsible for this, ”Fatmata said in a written statement on Thursday, October 7.

An international study published in August 2021 by Marine Pollution Bulletin recorded that paracetamol content dominates the waters of Jakarta Bay. It was detected in the Angke and Ancol regions north of Jakarta, with 610 ng / L in Angke and 420 ng / L drug content in Ancol.

Fatmata said that a high concentration of paracetamol will affect the ecosystem of marine life and the livelihoods of local fishermen. He was concerned about the quality of the catches of polluted water intended for human consumption, as paracetamol is known as a medicine to treat fever, headaches and pain reliever. It has side effects if used excessively.

He considered that it made no sense if the drugs intended for human consumption polluted the sea.

“This shows a clear indication of marine pollution,” Fatmata said. He regretted that paracetamol was not included in 38 parameters indicating pollution.

He said the provincial government had failed to protect seawater quality standards, wondering if there is an irresponsible party that intends to dump waste into the sea. “Considering the increasing consumption of paracetamol following vaccination which automatically increases demand, ”he noted.

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