December 2, 2022

Paracetamol grant to help people affected by floods – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has decided to grant a subsidy to paracetamol manufacturers, as the demand for the painkiller has surged amid floods in the country, leading to the outbreak of waterborne diseases, especially the dengue fever and diarrhea in areas affected by flooding. Regions.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif shared the development during a Zoom meeting of relevant authorities to review the pace of various flood relief and rehabilitation activities. The Prime Minister informed the meeting of the government’s decision to provide subsidies to paracetamol manufacturers so that they can be made available at affordable prices.

Pakistan is facing a shortage of over-the-counter drugs amid a dispute between the government and the pharmaceutical industry over the pricing mechanism. Last month, the government rejected an abstract asking for an increase in the price of the drug.

Subsequently, a decrease in the production of these analgesics was observed. The health minister then accused pharmaceutical companies of creating an artificial shortage of drugs, particularly paracetamol, and warned them that none of their ‘blackmail’ tactics would work on him.

Shehbaz thanks Biden, MBS and Angelina for coming to the aid of calamity-stricken Pakistan

However, in another meeting between the Minister of Health and stakeholders, industry players agreed to resume partial production of paracetamol earlier this month.

Zoom meeting

According to the Prime Minister’s Office, the Prime Minister has reviewed the distribution of food, tents and medicine in the affected areas. He ordered relevant authorities to use all available resources to urgently distribute essential foodstuffs, especially baby food.

The Prime Minister also provided an update on the restoration of roads, railways, bridges and other infrastructure damaged by the devastating floods, and ordered the relevant federal and provincial ministries to accelerate their efforts to make them operational as soon as possible.

Prime Minister Sharif is in New York to attend the high-level general debate of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), scheduled for September 20-26.

PM grateful for the help

Separately, Prime Minister Sharif also expressed his gratitude to US President Joe Biden, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie who traveled to Pakistan to meet with flood survivors earlier this week. .

“Thank you to President Joe Biden for shining a light on the plight of flood victims in Pakistan and for urging the world to respond immediately as my country faces the devastation of unprecedented flooding. Help for stranded women and children must be heard,” the prime minister said in a tweet.

In a separate tweet, the Prime Minister added: “Pakistan thanks UN Special Envoy Angelina Jolie and other unsung heroes for becoming the voice of millions whose lives and livelihoods were destroyed by the raging floods. We will forever remember their empathy and compassion for suffering humanity.

Phone call with MBS

Later, Prime Minister Sharif congratulated Mohammed bin Salman on the 92nd National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a phone call.

He thanked the Saudi royal family for the ground assistance provided by the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center, the establishment of an airlift for relief delivery and the launch of the “Sahem” portal in the kingdom for receive donations from the general public for Pakistani flood victims.

The prince conveyed his condolences for the loss of precious lives and livelihoods of the people caused by the torrential monsoon rains. He assured Saudi Arabia’s continued support to the people of Pakistan affected by the floods.

Posted in Dawn, September 23, 2022