December 9, 2022

Paracetamol: serious side effects include melena – expert

Although paracetamol is one of the safest pain relievers, this popular drug can also trigger a host of side effects just like any other drug. Even worse, a sign, which appears when you go for number two, could indicate that it’s time to stop using pain relief. An expert explains how to spot it.

Whether you use it to target a nagging headache or to relieve various aches and pains, paracetamol is the painkiller of choice for many.

Fortunately, the popular pain relief ‘rarely’ causes side effects as long as you stick to the right dose, according to the NHS.

Also, many take paracetamol without thinking twice about its side effects, but like any other medication, paracetamol comes with a list of possible side effects.

One of the most serious problems is known as melena – black tarry stools.

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As melena is not the only side effect of paracetamol, you should always refer to the patient information leaflet provided with your medicine to see the full list of possible issues.

The NHS reminds that pain relief rarely causes side effects as long as you stick to the right dose.

Additionally, the health department also notes that it’s “safe” to take paracetamol with most prescription medications, including antibiotics.

If you are unsure about dosage or potential side effects, talk to a healthcare professional.