December 9, 2022

Patricia Bullrich omitted the pandemic and called a painkiller a ‘narcotic’

Far from being silent, the Minister of Security responded to his comment and published: “I answer you, Patricia Bullrich, since ignorance overwhelms you. At your suggestion, do you expect us to stop importing drugs, to treat COVID intubations? ‘Cause that’s what fentanyl is for, shameless“.

Instead of backing down, Patricia Bullrich retracted: “Minister Aníbal Fernández, fentanyl for intubated patients is peripheral venous and not in solid tablets or powder. We have put the country on alert about the entry of this substance”. However, in the data it had previously published, no distinction was made regarding the form of purchase of the import of fentanyl.

Fentanyl: narcotic or medicine?

Indeed, and as several biochemists and health personnel who participated in the conversation also reported, Fentanyl is one of the most used drugs for anesthesia due to its high analgesic power. Yes

Although indeed it was used as a designer drug to cut cocaine and could have been what was fatal at gate 8 – it is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine – in small doses it is tolerable to humans and its use is popular as an analgesic for critical care patients.

This has been reported, for example, by Dr. Viviana Wolanowwho intervened in the conversation. “With all due respect and without wanting to get into a discussion among you, the amount of fentanyl we have used in the ICUs over the past 2 years is beyond description. At one point it was even short and we have had to resort to alternatives”he told.


Fentanyl was the most widely used painkiller during the coronavirus pandemic worldwide for intensive care patients.

He also performs the Argentina Journal of Intensive Therapy, published by SATI, which prescribes fentanyl as the “first choice” for use in patients with severe coronaviruswith the indication to reduce the dose to 0.2 to 0.8 mcg/kg/h, in combination with remifentanil and morphine.

The former Minister of Health of Buenos Aires and current National Deputy, Daniel Golan, also contributed his comment. “If we didn’t know that they are bad people, we would think that they are very rude, but no, unfortunately, they are very bad people.. They don’t seem to know there was a pandemic in the world and hundreds of thousands of covid intubated ICU patients needed these drugs,” he said.

That wasn’t the only mistake made by Patricia Bullrich. In addition to confusing drug trafficking with medical use, he viewed price data as imported “quantity”. Investments in fentanyl have increased during 2020 and 2021, but not by 500% in quantity: international demand and the scarcity resulting from its use in the face of the coronavirus have driven prices up, which explains the exponential increase Datas.