December 9, 2022

Proflexa Natural Topical Pain Reliever Receives Official OTC Status

Holistic pain solution earns FDA seal of approval even as it continues to garner praise from Sinoveda’s rapidly growing U.S. customer base

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida., November 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sinoveda is a Canadian health sciences brand leading the way in innovation for the future of healthcare. The company has developed its patented PPT® technology, which uses a combination of in vitro and in silico testing, bringing the power of AI and machine learning to the concept of natural and holistic medicine. One of Sinoveda’s most popular PPT® validated formulas to date is its topical pain relief product. Proflexa.

“Essentially, our goal is to bring together the wisdom of Eastern medicine and the precision of Western pharmaceutical science,” says company co-founder Dr. Nuzhat Tam-Zaman, “Proflexa is the perfect example of this powerful union of Eastern and Western Approaches to Health Care.”

Proflexa draws on the powerful natural power of seven traditional medicinal herbs including Clove, Dang Gui, Frankincense and Hong Hua. These have been formulated for maximum synergistic potency using Sinoveda’s PPT® technology, creating a precise, effective and reproducible botanical product.

The effectiveness of Proflexa is well documented. For example, a survey of 60 patients conducted early found that 90% of subjects reported effective pain relief when using topical. Since then, the feedback stream from active users continues to send a strong message about the product’s ability to do what it says on the label.. “Your product is a lifesaver!!” says Graceanne Pezzino Sweeney, regular customer and regular user of Sinoveda products, “I use it 2 times a day, and it has lessened the pain and discomfort. It also gives me more mobility. Thank you.” There are countless others like Sweeney with similar messages of hope as they use Proflexa to return to a daily pain-free lifestyle.

In October 2022, Proflexa officially received its NDC (National Drug Code) on the FDA website, formalizing its availability in the United States as an over-the-counter (OTC) drug. The powerful natural pain relief solution is already available on Amazon, where it is steadily garnering praise and positive reviews as a growing audience continues to take notice of the life-changing product.

About Sinoveda:

The name “Sinoveda” is derived from Chinese and Bangladeshi, the two cultures of the company’s founders, renowned pharmaceutical scientists, doctors and spouses, Dr. Yun K. Tam and Dr. Nuzhat Tam-Zaman. Sinoveda was founded in 2006 and is based in Edmonton, Alberta. The health sciences company uses more than 50 years of its founders’ combined experience in drug development to focus on R&D and other pharmaceutical advancements, primarily through its pioneering proprietary PPT® (Pharmaceutical Platform technology). Learn more about

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