December 2, 2022

Rangers reliever Dennis Santana avoids IL relay after being hit by a comeback in the ankle

ARLINGTON — Another bruised lower limb for another Rangers pitcher. Four days after Martin Perez removed a liner from his shin, reliever Dennis Santana had a comeback pretty squarely to his left ankle on Saturday. Like Perez, who starts on Sunday, Perez seems to be doing well.

Abraham Toro’s tough liner hit Santana and bounded for first base. The pitcher picked it up and turned to first for the sixth-inning final, but immediately started limping and by the time he reached the foul line, he couldn’t put any weight on it. He was helped down the steps in what felt like significant pain. He was out of the game, although Rangers said he wouldn’t have pitched more than an inning anyway.

The good news for Rangers: Santana was able to put weight on the leg soon after and didn’t seem to have any problems walking. He said the area was bruised, but the pain had all but lessened.

Hear the call: Along with reliever Spencer Patton, currently on the Triple-A Round Rock roster, the Rangers have teamed up with Big League Impact and Hearing the Call, a nonprofit centered around the hearing impaired, to host a clinic this weekend. end for those in need of hearing health care.

Patton, whose son Bruer has single-sided hearing loss that leaves him clinically deaf in his right ear, has committed $1,000 for every major league strikeout he compiles as well as $100 for every game the Rangers play. are winning this season for the cause.

The clinic helped on Saturday provide hearing aids to 38 people who needed them. The Rangers wore light blue batting practice t-shirts to raise awareness of the cause. Bruer Patton, with his dad on hand, threw the first pitch.


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