May 20, 2022

runny: runny nose is a problem, but paracetamol helps the most | Pune News

Pune: While intermittent fever, dry cough and fatigue were the classic symptoms patients complained about during the second wave of the Covid pandemic, it is now a runny nose, sore throat and fever slight.
These patients recover quickly and almost all respond to paracetamol. Doctors should prescribe nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs sparingly to reduce fever and pain. “Most patients now have classic flu-like symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat, and a mild fever that we didn’t see much of in Wave 2 when the patients mainly complained of. persistent or intermittent fever, unresponsive to paracetamol, as well as with fatigue and shortness of breath, ”said Dr Parikshit Prayag, infectious disease expert at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital.
Doctors are no longer using broad-spectrum antibacterials such as doxycycline, azithromycin, and ivermectin, which were used extensively during the first and second waves. “Most recover faster in three days. Their fever goes away within two days of taking paracetamol, taken twice a day, ”said Dr Prayag.
Among the reasons for the spread of mild flu-like illness, doctors pointed out that Omicron only affects the upper respiratory tract, not the lungs. Inlak and Budharani Hospital Chief Medical Officer Vilas Gundecha said: “Patients with influenza-like illness recover within three to five days. There are no symptoms such as loss of smell and taste, shortness of breath and fatigue.
“In addition to the runny nose and mild fever, we get patients with a fatty or productive cough rather than the dry cough we used to see in the second wave,” the family doctor said. , Dr. Santaji Kadam.
State task force member Dr Shashank Joshi cautioned people not to think of cold symptoms like the flu.