May 20, 2022

Self-medication is risky, antibiotics are not effective against Omicron: Experts – KERALA – GENERAL

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Health experts have made it clear that antibiotics used in the early stages of the Covid pandemic are not effective against Omicron.

People with Omicron may have a fever, severe sore throat, and cough. But this does not require the unnecessary use of antibiotics. It is impractical to use antibiotics, which are used to kill bacteria, to treat Covid, a viral disease. Antibiotics such as azithromycin and doxycycline were used early in the Covid pandemic. However, subsequent studies have shown that these drugs are no longer effective. The danger is that many will start self-medicating once Covid is confirmed.

So positive

People without serious symptoms or other health conditions should stay home and eat well. Experts recommend taking paracetamol 650mg four times a day for fever and if the fever does not go away after the first five days, see a doctor.

Antibiotic resistance

It is a condition in which the body and pathogenic germs do not respond to medication. As the germs acquire the ability to resist the drug, it becomes useless. For these reasons, new germs and diseases can form.

Do not give drugs without a prescription

Drugs Controller Prime Minister Jayan said strict action will be taken against those who sell drugs, including Schedule H and H1 antibiotics, without a doctor’s prescription. The warning comes after it was noticed that medicines, including antibiotics, were being given without a doctor’s prescription for fever, cough, cold and sore throat.