December 9, 2022

Shortage of paracetamol: there are natural alternatives – Life & Style

The government has only just reached an agreement which could see the resumption of the supply of paracetamol products. However, for a time, paracetamol supplements were in short supply, driving up the prices of painkillers. In such a situation, it is important to know that there are other inexpensive, but effective ways to reduce pain.

Holistic pain relievers have been widely used in Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic practices. Natural pain relievers include fish oil, turmeric, cloves, resveratrol, and cold and heat therapy.

Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are incredibly anti-inflammatory. Pain is caused by inflammation, so consuming fish oil can reduce inflammation and therefore lessen pain.

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It is recommended that you refrigerate your fish oil supplements as they tend to go rancid very quickly. If you don’t have access to fish oil supplements, you can also eat sardines, mackerel, or salmon to boost omega-3 fatty acid levels.

Turmeric is an incredibly powerful spice with profound health benefits. The main active compound, curcumin, is an effective antioxidant for reducing inflammation. I recommend consuming it cooked in your food or as a golden milk latte — haldi doodhsince curcumin is fat soluble.

The fat in your food or in latte helps the body break down and increase the absorption of curcumin. Also, be sure to add a pinch of black pepper to your food or golden milk latte, as black pepper contains a compound known as piperine which greatly enhances the absorption of curcumin.

Cloves have been used for centuries to reduce pain. One might be familiar with the common practice of inserting a clove into a cavity or an infected tooth as a pain removal technique. Cloves are powerful in reducing pain because they contain an active ingredient called eugenol.

Eugenol is a natural anesthetic that temporarily numbs and decreases pain. Eugenol contains anti-inflammatory properties, so it can reduce irritation and swelling in the affected area. Instead of inserting a clove into your tooth, it is recommended to use high quality clove oil. Take a few drops of clove oil with a teaspoon of olive oil in a cup. Then take a cotton swab from the dish to absorb the oil and gently place the cotton swab on the affected area. Please consult a dentist before using this natural pain relief method.

Resveratrol is a powerful polyphenol that protects the body from damage and reduces inflammation.

The reservation can be used as a pain reliever by decreasing swelling. Rich food sources of resveratrol include grapes and berries. Regular consumption of resveratrol can control pain symptoms.

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Heat and cold therapy can be used as a pain management method. They can reduce inflammation caused by injuries or various other conditions. There are two types of heat therapy: moist heat and dry heat.

Moist heat therapy includes hot baths, moist heating compresses, and steamed towels. Dry heat therapy includes the use of sauna, heating pads and dry heating compresses. When undergoing heat therapy, aim for a warm rather than hot temperature. Types of cold therapy include ice baths, coolant sprays, ice massage, cryotherapy, and ice packs or frozen gel packs.

Please consult your physician or health specialist before discontinuing painkillers, and please obtain specific approval before consuming or using the natural pain relievers listed above.

The author is a Certified Functional Nutritionist