May 20, 2022

Side effects of paracetamol: does paracetamol cause clots?

Blood clotting associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine prompted several countries to briefly withhold doses to their local populations. Although the link is tenuous and with dozens of cases among the millions of vaccinated, health agencies have chosen to wait for additional data before proceeding. However, vaccines aren’t the only medical products listed as a potential side effect of clotting, and others can help prevent them.

Does paracetamol cause blood clots?

Paracetamol is one of the most common items that people store in their medicine cabinet.

They are essential in avoiding nasty hangovers and they help reduce pain from most illnesses.

Many people may be unaware of the many potential side effects of the drug, but blood clots are not one of them.

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Dr Erin Donnelly Michos, director of women’s heart health and associate professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University, said she would only recommend aspirin for some of her patients.

She said: “I always recommend aspirin for people with heart disease or stroke, or for some people who might be at particularly high risk due to the presence of large plaques in their arteries. , if they are not at high risk of bleeding.

“But for the rest of my low or intermediate risk patients, it seems the risks of aspirin outweigh the benefits.

“Especially for elderly patients, if they don’t have any known heart disease, I would definitely consider using it.”