December 9, 2022

Study finds incorrect administration of paracetamol in pediatric patients on the island

The data comes from a study conducted in the emergency room of a pediatric hospital.

Studies evaluating the administration regimen of over-the-counter medications to pediatric patients in Puerto Rico are limited. Photo: Shutterstock.

To study the dosage administered with the drug exorcism Puerto Rican physicians conducted a descriptive cross-sectional study at the University of San Juan Pediatric Hospital, by caregivers of pediatric patients in the emergency rooms of a pediatric hospital center.

where a sample of approximately 88 caregivers was selected who had administered a known amount in the past 24 hours exorcism To the pediatric patient under your care in the emergency room.

data on supplements, through interviews and standardized questionnaires exorcismProduct dosage form and strength, demographics, and other data.

Overall, 45% of caregivers had given an incorrect dose. Of these, 70% were subtherapeutic and 30% supertherapeutic. Although 74% of caregivers knew their child’s weight, only 50% used it to determine dosage.

Family members with previous experience (as caregivers) were more likely to administer inappropriate doses. Physicians were the most frequent source of consultation (40%) for parents. Only 9% of them consulted a pharmacist for dosage recommendations.

The study authors concluded that half of all parents gave the wrong dose. exorcismsuggesting that there is a need for better educational strategies for correct drug administration.

They also add to the important role that pharmacists play in promoting the safety and effectiveness of the use exorcism,

exorcism Belongs to the group of drugs known as . is called painkillers, antipyretic and is indicated for the treatment of mild to moderate pain symptoms in addition to fever.

Access the study here.