August 11, 2022

Teratogen Experts Denounce Misleading Study That Discourages Paracetamol Use During Pregnancy | News

BRENTWOOD, Tennessee., December 15, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – The nonprofit organization of teratology information specialists (OTIS) and its service to the public, MotherToBaby, to respond to new ‘misleading’ review regarding maternal use of paracetamol (also known as acetaminophen). The widely studied drug is the choice recommended by healthcare professionals for the treatment of pain during pregnancy.

The response from the world’s leading organization on exposures during pregnancy and lactation was written after a new review receiving extensive media attention that was published in Nature Reviews Endocrinology suggested that pregnant women should not use paracetamol or products containing paracetamol at all. Sura Alwan, MSc, PhD, corresponding author of the organization’s response, said such a recommendation can have serious repercussions. “These studies suffer from serious methodological problems,” explained Alwan. “While the authors recognize the broad limitations of previous studies on this subject, they do not consider the clinical consequences that are likely to result from their premature warnings. There are many examples in which the undertreatment of maternal illnesses due to the ‘reluctance to risk the fetus and the mother as exposure to the drug, ”she added.

More than 50 members of OTIS and its partner organizations, which include scientists, clinicians, epidemiologists and teratology information specialists, have pledged to support the response. To read it in full, go to

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