The most popular cash loans

Although the list of the most popular cash loans changes every year, Poles are still attached to the most known banks. Unfortunately, the offers of the most popular banking institutions are not the cheapest at all. Until recently, an attractive cash loan could be found at cooperative ticket office savings and settlement, but after the affair with Good Finance, clients often bypass these institutions with a wide-angle.

Unfortunately, the most popular cash loan offers are still not the cheapest. This situation is affected by many factors, which probably include customer confidence in the bank’s brand, large advertising campaigns very often with the involvement of well-known people, as well as access to branches/branches.

The cheapest cash loans

The cheapest cash loans

They are not the most popular also because it is much harder for them to obtain a positive credit decision. If the loan is cheap, the bank does not earn much on it – so it does not risk paying out the loan to uncertain customers, even those who have had past due payments.

A large sale of cash loans is generated by banks with significantly more expensive loans in their offer cash. In these institutions, it is usually the easiest to get a loan.

Advantages such as minimum formalities and the lack of the need to present a certificate of income generated attract a number of customers regardless of the price or cost of debt.

The sale of cash loans also depends on the size of the bank

The sale of cash loans also depends on the size of the bank

it’s capital and the number of branches. The largest institution of this type in our country is Good Credit, which is one of the leading banking institutions in Europe.

However, will we find a cheap personal account or the cheapest cash loan in this bank – unfortunately not? Therefore, when looking for the best cash loan for yourself, you should be guided by the APRC (the actual annual interest rate). It is also worth at the beginning of the search for an attractive loan, check the offer of the bank that maintains our personal account.

Each year, cash loans represent more than half of all bank loans granted. This is because they are the most available, they can be used for any purpose and rarely require security. And although bank cash loans have been offered alternatives in the form of non-bank private loans, those still interested in contracting the most popular bank debt are in short supply.

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