May 20, 2022

Vadodara: three detained for illegal sale of painkillers, more than 900 vials recovered

Vadodara Police Special Operations Group (SOG) on Saturday arrested three men for allegedly selling pentazocine lactate injections without permission.

The accused ran a business on behalf of Dev Enterprise, selling baby and women’s hygiene products, and were found to have a supply of 906 injection vials of 1ml each of Pentazocine Lactate, which is a listed drug that can only be sold through drugstores on the basis of a valid medical prescription.

Police Inspector SG Solanki of Vadodara SOG said the defendants were selling the injections at a price of Rs 100-150 per vial through an established network in the city.

“The drug is an analgesic which has a numbing effect and is very addictive. Literature on the drug also mentions that overuse can lead to addiction as it affects the central nervous system of humans. In general, it is used in severe cases like the treatment of cancer and other diseases of this type, ”Solanki said.

According to the SOG, the three defendants, Vijay Panchal, 42, Suraj Patel, 33, and Harish Panchal, 37, would bring the contraband injections to Vadodara in boxes of chocolates, baby products and sanitary napkins with the goods transported in the course of their trade.

The accused were charged under the relevant sections of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act 1985, with possession of drugs in commercial quantities and criminal conspiracy.

SOG seized 906 injection vials amounting to Rs 27,180, cash of Rs 18,000, four cell phones, a sedan and an autorickshaw used to transport drugs.

The SOG handed over the three defendants to the Gotri police station and will be formally arrested following the mandatory Covid-19 test.