December 2, 2022

Vaidyaraj Anil says “IBS IBD Crohn’s Colitis – Say no to antacids and antibiotics. Understand it’s a battle half won. Rest is to fix the gut”

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Vaidyaraj Anil and Family, Innovators of Superbug-Buster Antibiotics and ZeroCFU Probiotics

India, Feb 3, 2022: Vaidyaraj Anil says: “Acidity, bloating, GERD, IBS, IBD, SIBO, chronic constipation, hemorrhoids (piles), Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are not s “worse than with antibiotics, antacids or any other chemical medication. Understanding this is a battle half won. Rest repairs the gut microbiome.”

“Stay away from intrusive tests like endoscopy and colonoscopy. These disrupt the gut microbiome. Colon and gut surgeries fail and should be avoided since billions of ‘savior’ microbes reside in our intestines” , urges Vaidyaraj Anil of

Why say no to antibiotics:

Pharmaceutical antibiotics have only 1 or 2 active ingredients. For ingenious creatures like bacteria, these man-made chemical formulations are too easy to decipher and protect against. Once they learn, they extend their “defensive technique” to other insects. All of this is done easily and quickly, thanks to the unique bacterial attribute to transfer DNA simply by contact. World travel has rendered antibiotics ineffective on a global scale. We have 5 generations of antibiotics so far. Many SuperBugs outlive them all. A bug resistant to 2 or more generations of antibiotics is called a SuperBug.

Gba – the SuperBug Buster:

Turmeric, neem, black pepper, etc. have not lost their antibiotic potency for ages, as they come with their own “natural universe” which is difficult for insects to decipher. Vaidyaraj Anil’s FSSAI Licensed Gba Nutraceutical Drops are made from the extract of banyan tree. The mother tincture it is made from is certified to kill the toughest SuperBugs like Gram-ive Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and E.Coli and also Gram-ive SuperBug like Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aerus or MRSA. The corresponding bioefficacy test certificates are published on It is no less of a discovery than the discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming. Bugs like H. Pylori & the Rest, don’t get a snowball’s chance in hell and survive!

“Antibiotics cannot kill disease-causing superbugs, but they surely kill our good bacteria. This encourages superbugs to multiply, even faster,” says Vaidyaraj Anil, inventor of herbal antibiotic SuperBug -Buster and a ZeroCFU probiotic – Gba nutraceutical drops.

Vaidyaraj Ankit – Psoriasis, non-healing wounds, Gba expert

Why say no to antacids? !

Antacids are proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). They artificially reduce stomach acid. This negatively affects the acidic microbiome in the stomach and makes digestion poorer. People regard antacids as innocent drugs, but they are dangerous if taken regularly or frequently. Antacids and antibiotics should be a big no-no. They create the reasons for larger gastrointestinal problems such as SIBO – small intestine bacterial overgrowth and IBD – inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease and colitis.

Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis:

“Autoimmune” is a false concept. Whenever Western medicine fails to suppress “inflammation” with a “steroid,” it labels it an “autoimmune” disorder. These days, they dig deeper and prescribe “Nuevo Pharma Miracles” called Biosimilars and Injectables. They make the situation worse, with serious side effects.

“The stomach problem is actually a bowel problem. Why does modern medicine ignore the bowel?!” asks Vaidyaraj Anil.

The Gut Microbiome is Key to Health – Kings of the Gut

What is Gut-Microbiome? !

Our body is run by microbes, billions of them. Most of them reside in our gut, hence its name “gut microbiome”.

The ‘Junior Chef’ microbes:

From inside our mouths, down the food tube, into the acid stomach, then slowly moving through the twenty-two-foot-long small intestine, the microbes, we call them “junior chefs.” , act on our ready-to-use meals. all the way to pre-cooked food for its final destination – our gut microbiome.

The ‘Master Chef’ microbes of the gut:

The resident microbes of the five-foot-long gut, or colon, or large intestine are actually the “real deal,” and we call them the “master cooks.” These are the wise guys we need to retain and keep ‘happy’ all the time. Their wisdom has been passed down to them for millions of years, because every human being has always had a mother with a gut, and she, in turn, had a mother with a gut, and so on. This rich wisdom is represented by 20 to 40 million genes in the diverse genetic code of the gut microbiome. This actually dwarfs the “human genome,” which has only 20-30,000 genes. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that how we feel as humans is dictated by the insects in our gut microbiome.

The ‘Meal Buffet’ to feed us all:

These gut microbes that we call master chefs create a “meal buffet” to feed every organ in the human body. The “meals” are tagged with a destination address, using a “genetic code”, and are loaded onto the blood, which circulates and nourishes them all. Anything considered “toxic” is eliminated as waste through stool and urine. Without these trillions of “Wise Guys”, Our Corps would cease to exist.

Cure Intestinal Problems and Cure All Stomach Problems:

The world needs a probiotic that balances the gut, without any risk. The gut microbiome requires both good and bad bacteria. Gut researchers claim that a “balanced” gut means 85% good bacteria and 15% bad or disease-causing bacteria. How do you find a probiotic that could do just that?!

Live Bug probiotics, a no-no:

Most probiotics available contain live bacteria. There is absolutely no way to “correctly” select the good bacteria(s) to take. Even if determined, the superimposition of billions of “selected” bacteria on the gut microbiome will further skew the “imbalance” and drive an already dysbiotic gut into a new “imbalanced stage”, with unknown adverse repercussions. This is a huge health risk.

Say no to Ayurvedic herbs for digestion:

No need for Ayurvedic herbs and medicines for digestion with our Gba bowel drops. Isabgol absorbs essential water inside and leads to chronic constipation, and Sanay Patra herbs are abrasive to the intestinal mucosa and are essential ingredients of many well-known brands. Excess herbs are not good. To be normal. Our Gut approach is minimalist, correct and efficient. No alternative therapy is required for gastrointestinal problems with Gba.

Gba – a bacteria-free zero CFU probiotic:

The natural SuperBug-Buster status of Gba drops helps them to naturally ‘select’ and ‘deselect’ bugs, without any layering of external ‘billions’ of ‘live’ bacteria, or ‘human play’.

Their effectiveness in balancing the gut microbiome is evidence-backed, in improved “poop type,” according to Bristol Stool Charts.

The Gba Drops ‘Drink-Stop-Nabhi-Drink-Repeat’ strategy for all gastrointestinal health issues:

In a real and effective effort to balance the gut, there are no dietary restrictions. Once the gut is balanced by Gba drops, what you want to eat is actually what your gut microbes want to have. Even the admission quantity is determined by the bugs. Believe it or not, that’s ideally how it’s supposed to work.

Instructions for consuming Gba drops:

Take a liter of drinking water and add 3 drops of Gba to it. Drink and finish this Gba water, either by sip or in 5-6 episodes, spread throughout the day, and finish it in 8-12 hours. You can drink other normal water during the day if you wish.

When you start this, you may experience stomach upset or diarrhea. Both indicate that the Gba Drops are working. In case of stomach upset, you keep taking the Gba water, while in case of diarrhea, you stop drinking Gba water during the day, or days until the diarrhea goes away , and you feel confident enough to take the Gba water orally again. You should drink normal water with little sugar and salt mixed together during diarrhea days.

On days when you avoid drinking Gba water, you can do Nabhi or navel administration of Gba drops, once a day, anytime. You place 3 to 4 drops of Gba in the Nabhi and let them sit for 15 minutes. Next, massage the fingers in the Nabhi for a minute, then remove the remaining Gba drops from the Nabhi and smear them around.

This “Drink-Stop-Nabhi-Drink-Repeat” protocol continues, and you will slowly see your “shit type” getting better and better, until you are completely healed. The balanced gut, slowly repairs the “gut lining” which is damaged due to chronic intestinal dysbiosis and the intake of chemical medications.

You can then take 1-3 drops of Gba in half a glass of water once a day as an effective and safe lifelong zero bacteria probiotic if desired.

A healthy gut is a lifelong need for everyone, for a happy and healthy life, in this toxic global environment. For other benefits of Gba drops, visit and study