December 9, 2022

VANQUISH Introduces DIGITAL HEADACHE Brand Pain Reliever for Modern Headaches


VANQUISH has been fighting tough headaches with proven effectiveness for over 50 years and was one of the first pain reliever brands to combine a unique formulation of aspirin, acetaminophen and caffeine. Now, VANQUISH DIGITAL HEADACHE brand pain reliever is well positioned to go to work for millennials by tackling headaches, neck, eye and shoulder aches that can result from screen time.

“As a health and wellness company, our goal is to offer solutions to the needs of today’s consumers, as well as to understand their new daily routines,” said Michele Mohammed, Marketing Director of DSE Healthcare Solutions. “We are promoting digital wellness and making practical changes to limit screen time where possible, but we understand that it can be more difficult than ever. We are proud to offer Vanquish to the hardworking people who need all the help they can get. “

VANQUISH DIGITAL HEADACHE brand analgesic resonates with a new audience, who may have heard about VANQUISH first through their parents or grandparents. The brand is reaching today’s digital headache sufferers online with a digital-focused marketing strategy along with helpful tips and resources like a digital fatigue quiz on their website. The company released a video ad that overturns traditional COVID-19 messages and embraces relevant scenarios to tackle the pandemic without even mentioning it. The video ranked fourth on Ad Age’s recent list of Top 10 “Most Viewed Video Ads”. He resonated because he spoke about the real concern of people spending more time on their devices and screens than ever before.

VANQUISH DIGITAL HEADACHE Brand Analgesic provides effective ingredients at appropriate levels that can provide fast relief from digital headaches and pain and is also effective for back pain, muscle pain, arthritis and more again. Save yourself a headache and get VANQUISH DIGITAL HEADACHE Brand Pain Reliever for the next time digital pain hits.

VANQUISH DIGITAL HEADACHE brand pain reliever is now available exclusively on Amazon or Follow us on social media and join the conversation online using the hashtag #VanquishHeadacheRelief.

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