December 9, 2022

Walgreens Painkiller Recall

A Walgreens brand painkiller was recalled last month because the medicine should have been packaged in childproof bottles. The recall affects approximately 130,000 Walgreens Acetaminophen Pain Reliever, 150 unit bottles. The drug is produced by Aurobindo Pharma Limited of India and imported by Aurohealth LLC of New Jersey for distribution to Walgreens pharmacies.

The over-the-counter product includes acetaminophen, a controlled substance that must be packaged in child-resistant packaging under the Poison Control Packaging Act (APPA). However, the bottle is not childproof, which poses a risk of poisoning if children swallow the medicine. Products should be immediately stored away from children and may be returned to Walgreens stores for a refund. No recall-related injuries have yet been reported.

(Photo: US Consumer Product Safety Commission)

The painkiller is packaged in white bottles with red caps, with Walgreens-branded labels. The bottle advertises an “easy to open” adult packaging and notes that the drug is an “extra strength” “fever reducer”. The recall covers bottles with UPC number 311917218090 and lot numbers 2100627, P2100671, P2100672, P2100689 P2100747, P2100859 (with expiration date November 2022) and P2200050 (with expiration date January 2023), according to the announcement publishedd on the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission website.

The wrappers were sold at Walgreens stores nationwide between October 2021 and April for around $9. Consumers can contact Aurohealth at 888-504-2014 for more information.

It’s not the only Aurohealth over-the-counter medication recalled due to failure to follow child-resistant packaging rules. The company also has recalled Kroger brand acetaminophen for arthritis pain, bottles of 225 units for the same reason. This recall affects packaging with UPC number 04126001284 and lot numbers P2100890, P2100891, P2100992 (with expiration date August 2023) and P2101010 (with expiration date April 2023). The product is sold in Kroger stores and other stores under the Kroger umbrella between December 2021 and March 2022. Consumers can return the product to Kroger stores for a refund.